Fantastic Fishing Adventures

 on Captivating Lake Nipissing's South Shore.


 Walleye (Pickerel)- Bass- Perch-  Northern Pike- Whitefish - Muskie.

"Wrap yourself in our Sunsets"

Cosy Cove Cottages is nestled among tall old trees in a sheltered cove on the South Shore of the Captivating Lake Nipissing. We offer all of our guests all the comfort and laid back atmosphere cottage life can be.


Take time for a shore lunch on a nearby island, lose yourself in a good book in the shade of an old tree, darken your tan and feel the soft sand sift through your toes, feed baby ducks, nature walk, pick berries, feed a never-ending string of chipmunks and squirrels.


... kick back and wrap yourself in a sunset, listen to the haunting call of the loon and build a memory under the stars in the glow of a crackling campfire...come to Cosy Cove.

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